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Hotel Roessli AGBs Cover 2kx1k DE FR ED.


Hotel Rössli GmbH
Hauptstrasse 10
CH-3800 Interlaken/Unterseen

Tel: +41 (0)33 822 78 16
Fax: +41 (0)33 822 96 16


General terms and conditions

(Legal relationship between Hotel Rössli GmbH and the client)

§ 1 Area of application/Performance range

These general terms and conditions depend on the agreed booking confirmation and the therein-mentioned services that Hotel Rössli GmbH adduce to their client, contracting parties or operators. For all further actions or services which are requested by the client, Hotel Rössli GmbH occurs merely as mediator.


§ 2 Prices/Guarantee/Prepayment


The price information is stated in Swiss Francs (CHF) & Euro (€) per room and depends upon the room category, season and occupancy (see price list). Price information in Euro is without guarantee and is subject to the actual currency exchange rate applicable at the time of payment. The right to price amendment is reserved. Upon booking finalisation and confirmation and with the indication of the client having a valid credit card, a deposit amount of CHF 20.- per room will immediately be charged against the card. For bookings without indication of a credit card the equivalent of the 1st night’s stay is due as prepayment to the bank account, Postbank account or PayPal account as advised by Hotel Roessli GmbH.

§ 2.1 Payment

The payment is to be settled at the latest upon departure (if not otherwise negotiated beforehand,) in cash (CHF or € only), by credit/debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD), Maestro or Postcard.


§ 3 Arrival/Departure, Usage purpose & usage duration of the rooms


The rooms are, unless otherwise negotiated, available on the day of arrival from 03:00 pm (15:00hrs) until 11:00 am (11:00hrs) on the day of departure. Other facilities of the hotel can, if requested and agreed, be available for use longer. Reserved/booked rooms are available for the sole use of the client for the booked and confirmed   period and may only be used for normal hotel residential purposes (daily rest, relaxation and toiletry use).  Hotel Roessli GmbH does not permit under any circumstances smoking nor cooking or suchlike activities within its booked accommodation.

Hotel Rössli GmbH reserves the right, to cancel the contract/agreement with immediate effect

should the contract/agreement have been concluded utilising misleading information quoted by a client or should the room have been used other than as per the contract/agreement. A client’s arrival must be before 09:00 pm (21:00hrs) at the latest otherwise the allocation of the room ceases to be guaranteed as per the booking agreement.


§4 Liability

Whilst Hotel Rössli GmbH is insured for all brought-in client’s property, it will not be liable should a client not have taken reasonable action to personally secure their hired room/s whilst absent and provided that clients haven’t acted negligently or irresponsibly. No liability will be accepted for any misdemeanour and all claims will be rejected. Should the client come to harm or have a disagreement with the performance of the Hotel Rössli during their stay, this must be immediately brought to the notice of the Hotel’s person in charge. For all demands/claims against Hotel Rössli GmbH following departure, a strict notice limit of a maximum of two months applies. Demands or claims will NOT be considered thereafter.


§5 Cancellation fees/Conditions/No-show

Prior Notice in writing of Cancellation – calculation of fees


01.01. – 31.03. & 01.11. - 30.11.

0 – 1 day prior to arrival:                    100% of the 01st night reserved

1 day or more prior to arrival:             CHF 20.- per room

01.04. - 31.10.

0 - 3 days prior to arrival:                   100% of the 01st night reserved

3 days or more prior to arrival:                   CHF 20.- per room


“No-shows” will, in all cases, be charged 100% of the reserved occupancy.


The matter, obtaining and purchasing of travel insurance is strictly a matter of the client and is highly recommended by Hotel Rössli GmbH.


§6 Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is exclusively the Bernese Oberland and Swiss law will be applied.

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